Behavior Support

Why Choose Us?

Qualified Clinical Staff

We offer qualified, experienced clinical staff who seek to understand both the needs of the individual as well as the experiences of the family/caregiver/provider.  Milestones uses treatment modalities that have been empirically tested and proven effective for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our team includes a board-certified psychiatrist and seven master's-level behavior clinicians with extensive experience in the treatment of individuals with dual diagnoses.  The co-existence of intellectual or developmental disabilities and a psychiatric disorder can have serious effects on the individual's daily life by interfering with school, work and home; by disrupting social/family/peer relationships; and by jeopardizing residential and educational placements.  Early and accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment are essential to mental health and successful behavior interventions.

Our Services

Among our behavior support services are:

• Behavior Support Plan Development
• Behavior Assessment / Observation
• Behavior Management
• Staff/Family/Caregiver Training
• Case Coordination / Planning
• Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Training
• Individual / Group Counseling

Milestones Behavior Support Services is a member of the the National Association for the Dually Diagnosed (NADD) and the Indiana Association for Behavior Consultants (IN-ABC).